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Lakewood Condominiums

Consider Lakewood condominiums as your next home! With so many options when it comes to purchasing a home, determining what kind you should purchase is its own challenge. While single-family housing remains the most popular kind across the United States, you may want to consider something more affordable and lower maintenance. A condo could be your best bet!

According to movoto.com in July 2023, there are 147 condos for sale. Options start at just under $200,000 but go as high as $1.1 million. This gives those considering a condominium plenty to consider. You’ll be pleased with the choices made available, and the low-maintenance lifestyle has many people excited. It could be a more relaxed way of life for you and your loved ones!

What will your REALTOR® tell you about local condos? They can be a great option, including for first-time homebuyers. But you should consider the potential drawbacks, including the fees and association regulations. Reselling them can be a challenge, and they offer less privacy and storage space than single-family housing. Call a real estate agent today for a consultation, getting all the info you need!

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  • Lakewood condominiums are in demand.